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Concussion Help Canada is an educational and online concussion triage resource made to be user friendly for concussion patients. 


It can be difficult to understand and sort through different forms of information when you are suffering from concussion symptoms.

Concussion Help Canada has developed concussion friendly learning resources and assessment tools to help you find the medical team you need to treat your concussion symptoms. 


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Concussion Friendly Online Learning

Coming soon...

Online Concussion Triage

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Concussion Help Canada's Mission

To make an educational resource which is accessible and user-friendly to anyone who has suffered a concussion. 

This resource will help guide those who do not have access to the usual medical resources or would prefer an online guidance program along with their traditional medical resources.


This resource will offer basic information of concussion diagnostic requirements, newest research, how to build your healthcare team, how to help yourself when you can't access the healthcare you need and your role in your recovery. 


Concussion Canada's Vision

To offer free and paid resources to help guide those who have suffered a concussion through rehabilitation of the symptoms they suffer when traditional healthcare resources are not available.

To help patients find the right healthcare team to help them when they have access to healthcare but are unsure who they need on their team or are having trouble finding the right team. 

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